Task Host Overview

Why register?

Hassle free on-demand skilled Staff

No staff recruitment time, administrative burdens and costly fees

Meet Sponsor Study Demands

Assist with meeting the erratic demands of Patient Recruitment and completion of Tasks as per the Study Schedule of Events

Scale up or Scale down with casual contingency Staff

Provides flexibility at Investigational Site without the high committed costs of full-time or contract employees

How InSitu Clinical Works


Registration & Profiling

Task Host registers and builds an online profile on the InSitu Clinical platform. On completion of Registration the Login details are emailed to the applicant


Post Task

The Task Host posts specialised clinical research-related tasks that require completion by a skilled, professional Task Completer


Review & Select

The Task Host views all applicants and chooses an appropriate Task Completer based on their experience, competencies, rating score and availability


Interact & Document Exchange

The Task Host and Task Completer interact and exchange the required documentation such as NDA/CDA and relevant clinical trial specific documentation.


Interact & Work

The Task Completer performs the agreed Task at the Investigational Site.


Complete & Notify

Once the Task is completed the Task Completer accesses the InSitu Clinical platform and indicates that the Task was completed.



The Task Host is alerted to the Task completion via the InSitu Clinical platform and confirms the completion



The Task Host rates the Task Completer using a 5 star-rating system and confirms the completion of the task.



The Task Host completes the task-based transaction with the Task Completer by processing the agreed Task Fee

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