Task Completer Overview

How InSitu Clinical Works


Registration & Profiling

Task Completer Registers and builds an online profile on the InSitu Clinical platform On Registration the applicant receives an email with future Login details


Define & Determine

The Task Completer defines type of Tasks and geographic area in which they would to work


Alert & Choose

The Task Completer receives an email alert when new appropriate Tasks are posted. They view, choose and mark their availability as suited


Apply & Notification

The Task Completer formally applies for a chosen Task. If the Task Completer is successful in their application they are alerted via email and on the InSitu Clinical platform.


Interaction & Document Exchange

Following a successful match between the Task Host and the Task Completer, there is interaction and an exchange of NDA/CDA and relevant clinical trial specific documentation.


Interact & Work

Interaction continues until the agreed Task is completed.


Complete & Acknowledge

Once the task is completed the Task Completer acknowledges the completion on the InSitu Clinical platform.


Rating Received

The Task Host rates the Task Completer using a 5 star-rating system.


Payment Actioned

Task Host executes the payment to the task Completer's designated account. Records of interactions, ratings and payment are retained online and accessible to both parties at any point in time

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