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  • How much does it cost for an Task Completer to use the InSitu Clinical platform?

    There is no cost to the Task Completer to use the InSitu Clinical platform. However the following should be noted: <br>✚ Registration is for Free. InSitu Clinical Support claims a 15% Task Fee, excluding GST, from the Task price. This is calculated when the Task is posted. The Task Host will view the full fee whereas the Task Completer will view the fee that is LESS 15%. <br> <br>✚ All Task Completers must have an valid ABN <br> <br>✚ All Task Completers must have Personal Insurance and Indemnification<br>

  • Why should I use the InSitu Clinical Platform?

    Insitu Clinical makes it so much easier to manage your protocol tasks. We save you both time and money. By using InSitu Clinical you can augment your contingent staff requirements. InSitu Clinical offers a hassle-free process and tool to meet the casual resource demand at your site. Interactions and choice of potential staff are simplified, direct and virtually instant. Fast completion of ratings and payment execution at task completion will ensure your reputation as a TP site

  • Who is InSitu Clinical?

    Insitu Clinical are industry experts who know how stressful it can be to complete tasks against a protocol. See "About Us"

  • Can I opt-out at anytime?

    Yes. You can opt-out at anytime and your account will be deleted by contacting us at lesley@insituclinical.com

  • Is the InSitu Clinical platform 21 CRF Part 11 compliant?


  • Does the InSitu Clinical have standard Templates of essential documents that I can use?

    Yes. The Task Host will load the appropriate documents once you have been successful in your application to complete a Task

  • Who is responsible for Task Completers Indemnification?

    The Task Completer is responsible for Indemnification as per AHPRA website.

  • What happens if, as a Task Completer, I am unable to turn up for a Task that I have succesfully been assigned to ?

    You should notify the Task Host IMMEDIATELY if you are unable to complete an assigned Task. If a Task Completer does not present on time for task commencement, his/her rating may be downgraded by Task Host. InSitu Clinical strongly recommends for TC to notify the TH as soon as the TC is aware of the inability to present for task completion. Ratings are visible on-line. THs chose TCs based on their availability, profile, hourly $ rate and rating.

  • How will I know when new Tasks are posted ?

    You will receive email notifications when a new Task has been posted within the geographic locations that you selected

  • What type of Tasks can I apply for ?

    You are able to apply for any clinical research related tasks that have been posted by the Task Host, if you have the skill, competencies and minimal requirements needed to complete the Task. There are a large number of Tasks that can be completed, from Study Feasibility, all protocol activities as per the protocol Schedule of Events, to Study Close-out activities : Example: GCP/Other Site Staff Training Audit Readiness Activities Site SOPs, Procesess and Procedures Site Feasibility Assessment HREC Preparation and Submission HREC Amendment Preparation and Submission SSA Preparation and Submission Institutional RGO Preparation and Submission TGA Notification Preparation and Submission Patient Recruitment Planning and/or execution Pre-screening Activities Recruitment Activities Participant Informed Consent Activities Patient Data Entry into EDC System Study Administration Activities Screening and Study Visit Assessments Laboratory tests and Procedures Biospecimen Collection and Management Investigational Product Administration Investigational Product Management Site Staff/Participant At Home Visit Other Clinical Trial Tests/Procedures/Activities General: Task Completer Administration Activities

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